Fix Mp3 Tags with the Best Mp3 Tag Editors

Rinse (TidySongs) and TuneUp Media: Organize Your Music Library with

iTunes is great. With access to the largest music selection on the world wide web, iTunes is the premiere program in digital music downloads. Complete with podcasts, movie downloads, endless apps, and a window into exclusive content created by corporate giants and the kid next door alike, iTunes is a behemoth. Let’s face it, even if people are not completely in love with the iTunes interface, they use it anyway. Apple products will not work without iTunes, so people become trapped into using a program that does not meet their specifications. However, using iTunes does not have to be the tedious experience that it is as a fresh download from the Apple website. Software is available that can streamline the program into a sleek, smooth, cleanly operating machine. The iTunes application does not have to be a time consuming glutton that sits on your desktop, eating away your life. Freedom from hours of needless work trying to fix mp3 tags exists in the form of mp3 tag editors.

Rinse (TidySongs)

At, you can begin the journey to a happier library. In what may be the best mp3 tag editor as far as simplicity and functionality go, Rinse (TidySongs) has a number of functions that allow you to spend your time listening to music, not labeling it. Rinse (TidySongs) can find the correct missing album art, get rid of duplicates, classify genres, and fix spelling blunders. All of this can be done with absolutely no effort on your part. With an option to choose to either fix mp3s tags one at a time, so you can confirm changes, or automatically complete with the tag mp3 editor, everyone can be happy. Rinse (TidySongs) has all the convenience of a full service mp3 tag editor while still allowing the user to control the experience. In addition to finding all the basic information for a song, Rinse (TidySongs) ensures that the right year, album art, and genre. Rinse (TidySongs) is a great option for all people looking to fix mp3s tags.

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TuneUp is another site that can be counted among the best mp3 tag editors made. Like Rinse (TidySongs), TuneUp cleans your library, correcting misspellings, gives multiple options for finding cover art, and uses “listening” technology to fix mp3 tags. Another feature of TuneUp is incredibly useful. TuneUp goes above and beyond the duties of a tag editor with Tuniverse. Tuniverse, a music discovery tool, does everything from giving out recommendations of similar music, suggesting links to merch on eBay, displaying artist biographies from the beloved Wikipedia, and showing related music videos from YouTube. Tuniverse can even connect with Facebook and Twitter, so you can share what you’re listening to with the social media world. Tuniverse Concert feature can help you find dates for an upcoming event, buy tickets instantly, and browse prices and locations. TuneUp is also working on an improved system that can integrate into either a web- or desktop-based calendar, invite friends, and send email alerts. Tuneup is truly magnificent at treating your music right.

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How to Choose

Both Rinse (TidySongs) and Tuneup Media provide top of the line music organizing software. While Rinse (TidySongs) has more features specifically for organizing that digital music collection, Tuneup provides users with Music-related content built around what’s playing, as well as works with WMP. I suggest taking a look at the side by side comparison to make sure you get the software that best meets your needs.

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