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Before After Cover Art 2011 squareIf you are searching for a Tuneup Media review then we’ll assume you have an unorganized music collection. Keeping your music collection clean and free of clutter shouldn’t be a chore, but for most people, it is. If you keep music on your computer, then you probably already know that it takes real dedication to keep all of your MP3 files fresh and accurate when you have to manually get album artwork, delete duplicate songs, correct song details and more. This can even take up lots of your free time up if you’ve got a hefty compilation on your hands. Just imagine how much cleaner your iTunes or Windows Media Player library would be if you could get your hands on a plugin that do all of the organizing for you!

Luckily, this is completely possible through a revolutionary, new program called TuneUp Media. The TuneUp Media companion plugs seamlessly in with your favorite media player and brings you all of the basic tools you’d expect out of a quality MP3 organizer plus more! Wouldn’t it be convenient and completely awesome to view similar/related tunes to a particular song in your library? Are you interested in receiving live concert alert updates, instant artist biographies, and more? In this Tuneup Media review, we’ll discuss exactly how this mp3 manager was carefully designed to help you get the most out of your music library without sacrificing your time.

TuneUp Media Companion Gives You the Tools You Need for a Fresher Collection: Clean

Face it; there’s nothing efficient about going through each of your songs one-by-one and updating them with all of the correct metadata, downloading album artwork and killing off the duplicate files. This is just too time-consuming, and it has to be done every time you download new music. This isn’t a good method for keeping your music collection clean, and you’re missing out an incredible technology that was designed specifically to do this for you.

The Clean feature analyzes your music collection and if you have multiple spellings of artists, or tracks that are labeled unknown artist, TuneUp will literally clean up and fill in missing data such as the artist and year the album was released. The process is simple, all you have to do is click and drag your songs from your music database to TuneUp and the software will automatically tap into its own immense database to identify, tag and fix your tracks so you have a seamless song list that is organized and complete.

Not only will all of your songs have the correct artist, title and tracks, your list will be arranged by genre such as urban or disco. Once this process is complete, it will be easy to pull up your songs from the list without the arduous task of searching for “Stairway to Heaven” that may be spelled out in multiple ways (i.e. stairway to heaven, or STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, etc.). If you are a little worried about the software messing with your music list, don’t, you will have the opportunity to review the changes before TuneUp implements your cleaned-up database.

Tuneup Media Review

Fixes Mislabeled Song Information

Part of keeping your iTunes or Windows Media Player library organized requires that you fill in the blanks for your song information or fix any incorrect fields. For example, if you’ve got tracks in your library titled “Track 01” or if your there are typos everywhere, you’ll have to manually change this yourself. However, why would you waste time doing this when the TuneUp Media companion can do it all for you. How nice would it be to know that while you slept, your music library was being ridden of all errors, blanks, and clutter? With TuneUp, this is possible.

Cover Art

How many songs in your music collection unfortunately came with no album artwork? When browsing by album art, do you find that your music library looks pretty bare and grim? If many of your songs contain a blank placeholder where the album artwork should be, there’s no need to freak out. This doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate time to finding the album artwork and downloading it. TuneUp will even take care of this for you! There literally is no music collection too big for the mp3 tag editor to handle. What’s even better is that TuneUp will fetch all of the album artwork files from its massive online database full of and rich with beautiful, high res album art.

Even better, if some song files receive results for multiple different pieces of album artwork, you can actually review the results and choose with album cover art will go with your MP3. It’s that simple! Even when you connect your portable device to your computer to sync it with your music library, all of your newly downloaded album cover artwork will transfer to that device. That way you can take the cover art with you wherever you go!

Anyone who has owned a record album or CD collection knows the joy of reading the album labels. You get interesting tidbits about the artists and the songs as well as insight about the recording of the album that you might not otherwise know. Most people with a size-able music database often have several gray images in place of the actual cover art. Therefore, Cover Art will literally search its multiple databases to fill in your missing cover art. Similarly to the Clean feature, Cover Art allows you to review all the new changes before new cover art is implemented.

The TuneUp folks recommend that for Cover Art to really work well, you should first have your song list cleaned up by the Clean feature, making it easier for the software to identify the right album covers.

Tuneup Media Cover Art

Remove Duplicate Songs

Everybody knows that duplicates can also certainly be a pain. They aren’t much of a burden when there are only a few lurking in your collection, but when they start tallying up over time, they can accidentally end up on CDs or playlists, and even cause lots of wasted space on your hard disk. With TuneUp, you can easily use the DeDuper feature to scan your music collection for these pesky files and rid them instantly! There’s no need to search your collection and delete duplicate songs manually.

You can even choose to have all of the duplicates wiped away automatically, or you can review them individually so that you can make the final call on whether they get deleted or not. Stop wasting time, get the TuneUp Media companion to scan your library and those annoying duplicates can be out of your hair within minutes.

Vast Online Database and Intelligent Matching Technology

This is the part of our Tuneup Media review that discusses the special features that only the Tuneup Media Companion can offer. It’s no coincidence that it can easily get album artwork, delete duplicate songs and fix song details accurately and quickly. As previously mentioned, TuneUp Media uses a colossal online database filled with metadata about millions of songs and artists! It contains album information, genre information, song titles, artists, album artwork and so much more. This advanced mp3 tagging software doesn’t just judge your MP3 by its song title or artist to find the correct metadata, either. It uses each MP3’s special “fingerprint” to reference with its corresponding metadata! That way you don’t have to worry about TuneUp making a mistake just because it went off of solely the song title. It looks deeper than that and uses an MP3’s proverbial DNA!


Of course, TuneUp provides the essential tools for cleaning that messy music collection up, but the features that help you get the most out of your music are ever so useful as well! With the Tuniverse feature, you receive access to tons of sub-features relating to the music you love. For example, if you’re listening to a particular song and want to hear some related/similar music to that artist or song, you can simply check out the Tuniverse feature and get instant access to music videos that are considered similar to that specific song!

With Tuniverse, you are granted access to a multitude of awesome features. Get direct access to artist bios for quick reading on your favorite artist, concert alerts and tickets for shows happening near you, merchandise, artist news, and album recommendations! Anything you ever wanted to get out of your listening experience with iTunes or Windows Media Player is handed to you through the use of the TuneUp Media companion!

Tuniverse even offers Twitter integration that allows you to tweet to your friends what’s playing on your computer with just a click of the mouse. If you ever wanted to take control of your music and milk it for all its worth, Tuniverse alone can allow you to do this!

TuneUp is much more than a song list organization tool, it helps you enjoy your music across mediums. For example, if you are listening to Not Afraid by Eminem, the Tuniverse feature will locate the accompanying video from YouTube, as well as scour the Internet for live performances and other related videos such as artist interviews so that you can satiate your Eminem fix in multiple modes.

Tuneup Media Tuniverse

Concert Alerts

The Concerts feature should be a favorite of all music lovers who suddenly realize that their favorite artist is playing in their city, but it’s too late to buy tickets because the concert just sold out. Concerts will provide up-to-date information about concerts in your area, giving you plenty of time to buy tickets. This feature also provides links to all the major ticketing vendors so you can just click on the icon and have your tickets in minutes. According to the TuneUp Web site, coming soon, this Concerts will also provide email alerts through your calendar about upcoming concerts of your favorite artists.

Tuneup Media Concerts

Windows Media Player

Today we have announced the release of TuneUp for Windows Media Player (WMP). That’s right, we’re bringing the #1 music plug-in to over 500 million WMP users around the world while adding new features to combine your music libraries with your online lives via Facebook and Twitter. TuneUp for WMP is immediately available for download and all of these new social features will be available to all users.

Tuneup Media Windows Media Player

Review TuneUp Media Specifications:

For both Mac and PC
No proxy or firewalls
DSL or Internet connection

For PC:

For Mac

Integration with Your Social Network

While putting together this TuneUp Media review it didn’t take long to see what separates this music management software from others. Tuneup’s software allows you to easily and quickly integrate your music experience with your social network so that you can share good music with your friends as well as discover new tunes by checking out what others are listening to! You can post various things to news feeds and status updates such as top 5 lists, various stats concerning your music library, last 5 songs played in your media player, most played tracks, favorite albums, and so much more! If you’ve ever wanted to get your music involved with what’s going on in your favorite social network, TuneUp Media is a great way to do that.

Intuitive Interface and Simple Design

One of the best features about the TuneUp Media companion that mustn’t be forgotten is its incredible ease-of-use and simplistic interface. TuneUp comes in the form of a pop-out pane on the right side of the iTunes or Windows Media Player window with all of your tools right there for your use. Need to do some spring cleaning in your music collection? Select the large tab at the top titled, “Clean.” Want to check out song information and check out related artists and videos? Select the “Tuniverse” tab. It’s really that simple.

Once you’ve set up your social networking accounts with the software, it’s as easy as pie to click once and share different aspects of your music library with your friends. Simplicity was the aim when TuneUp was designed, and you’re missing out if you’re not getting in on the action!

TuneUp Media is Perfect for Any Serious Music Lover

Everyone knows that iTunes and Windows Media Player both come with their own useful and significant features, but TuneUp helps expand on these features bringing you a deeper and more fun experience with your music. Straight from your iTunes client, you can clean and regain your music collection, find tickets to see your favorite artist in concert, discover new music, get connected and share your music information with friends on your social network, and so much more. It would be foolish to miss out on adding this software to your arsenal! Check out what all the buzz is about, and download a trial free mp3 tag software. Once you check it out and use all of its features, you may even be tempted to write a TuneUp Media review yourself to get the word out about it!

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